What if I get stopped?

UNC Charlotte has an independent and dedicated police force, in accordance with NC Department of Justice Training and Standards, which patrols the university campus and an extended jurisdiction with CMPD. UNCC Police officers patrol in both marked and unmarked patrol cars, on motorcycle, on bicycle and on foot throughout the campus. The UNC Charlotte Police patrol vehicles, both marked and unmarked, are equipped with blue lights and siren/public address system to alert vehicular drivers and pedestrians to the intentions of the patrol officer. The UNC Charlotte Police marked patrol vehicles are equipped with video/audio recording equipment for officer and citizen safety. Some marked patrol vehicles are equipped the RADAR speed detecting systems.    “What Should I do if I see Blue Lights?”

  • Find a safe well lit area and come to a complete stop placing the vehicle in Park (Generally to the right side of the road)
  • Driver of vehicle may turn interior light on to assist officers visibility to the interior of passenger area
  • Occupants of the vehicle should refrain from moving around in the passenger area of the vehicle
  • Occupants should keep hands visible to the officer as they approach (There may be multiple officers approaching a vehicle)
  • Driver should be prepared to supply the officer with a driver’s license and the vehicle’s registration

“What if I get a ticket”?

  • The officer may request you sign the NC Uniform Citation (Failure to sign the citation does not constitute Resist, Obstruct and Delay a Public Officer and refusal to sign the citation is not a crime)
  • The officer will present you with a PINK copy of the citation
  • The officer will explain the charge indicated on the citation and advise you of the court date assigned by the officer (Court Date may be Mandatory)
  • Mandatory Court Dates require you appear before a judge at the Mecklenburg County Court House 801 East 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202-2027.  Find out more.
  • Waivable Misdemeanors and Infractions are not a mandatory court appearances and these charges may be handled prior to the court date via Payment by Mail or In Person (This will result in a plea of Guilty)
  • Payment in Person-Deliver your payment and the citation to the office of the Clerk of Superior Court 801 East 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202-2027 Payment must be cash, certified check or money order Personal checks will NOT be accepted
  • Payment by Mail-Place the citation and payment (certified check or money order, NO CASH, Personal checks will NOT be accepted ) in an envelope, affix a stamp and mail to: 
Clerk of Court, Mecklenburg
County Courthouse, Charlotte
North Carolina, 28202