Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications

Being promptly alerted to potentially dangerous criminal situations near our homes or workplaces is an ideal situation. This allows members of the community to take the necessary precautions. Apply this to your institution, and you have the concept of the “timely warning.” The Clery Act requires you to alert the campus community to certain crimes in a manner that is timely and will aid in the prevention of similar crimes.

Crimes Subject to a Timely Warning – Warning for any Clery Crime which occurs on a Clery geography is reported to Campus Security Authority, local police, and/or University Police and is considered by the institution to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees. (Timely warnings may be issued for any crime that posses a threat to the campus community.)

Emergency Notification – An event where there is either an ongoing or imminent threat to the campus community.

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