Department Overview

The UNC Charlotte Police Department is a state authorized law enforcement agency providing a full array of police and security services, focused on community-oriented policing and serving a campus of 30,000 students, staff and faculty. UNC Charlotte is an urban university with students and employees residing and working in off campus neighborhoods. About 5,000 students reside in off campus housing. As a result, a jurisdiction extension agreement with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police permits the UNC Charlotte Police Department to patrol and provide assistance with calls in adjoining, off-campus neighborhoods.

The Department consists of two functional areas:

  • Patrol Operations Division is responsible for uniform police services including preliminary investigations, responses and campus crime prevention. This Division includes foot patrol, bike patrol and uniformed rangers providing campus wide security 24 hours a day. The Department’s mission to protect life and property, while sensitive to the goals of higher education, is accomplished through the enforcement of North Carolina state laws when necessary. The University provides ongoing education and training for all officers and staff.
  • Support Services includes Clery and other compliance mandates, 911 communications center, special events, career development, auxiliary personnel, fleet management, Lost & Found (main campus) and other business support services.

UNC Charlotte Police Department Personnel: 55 full-time sworn; 3 (auxiliary) part-time sworn; 10 full-time nonsworn; and 5 part-time nonsworn.

Organizational Chart