Emergency Phones

UNC Charlotte Police & Public Safety currently maintains over 300 campus Blue Light emergency phones monitored by  tele-communicators 24/7/365. Blue Light emergency phones are placed strategically throughout the campus providing the University community an easy and reliable way to report  a crime, describe a crime in progress or utilize the UNC Charlotte SAFERIDE program. These phones are designed for ease in operation consisting of a single red button (on most phones) designated “PRESS FOR HELP” and a single speaker/microphone used for hands free communication.

To report a crime in progress remember the 5 W’s:  Why • Who • What • When • Where:

  •  Why are you using the phone? ( crime in progress, crime occurred prior or request for SAFERIDE)
  •  Who is committing the crime? (age, sex, race, etc)
  •  What has occurred or happened? ( type of crime, suspicious activity, request for SAFERIDE, etc)
  •  When did the crime occur? (crime in progress or crime has occurred in the past)
  •  Where did the crime occur? ( exact location on campus [area of campus, building, room] or off campus)
  • Click here for map of Blue Light Emergency Phone on campus:

Suggestions for future placement of Blue Light Emergency Phones